I promise you: you will fall. 

You will fall – not once or twice.
You will fall when you’re feeling high
and you will still fall when you think you’re on your lowest.
You will fall in the less expected moments,
you will fall in the less expected ways –
but you will fall over and over again.

You will fall because you were created to fall.
But you were also created to catch yourself.

You were created to rise again.
In fact, you were created to fall just in order to rise higher and to grow stronger.

This is why Allah told us the story of Iblees and Adam alaihi sallam.
While both fell into sin, Adam alaihi sallam decided to rise again while Iblees didn’t.
They both sinned just as we all do, but the significant difference is how they dealt with their sin.
Adam alaihi sallam let his sin be a cause to come closer to Allah.
In fact, he turned his sin into a blessing.
And so can you. 

~ Arghavaan, 31.03.2016

©Steven McCurry, Kashmir